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Nutri+gen Red Ginseng (for Patient)

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Nutri+gen Red Ginseng (for Patient)
120g, gel type

NUTRI+GEN Red Ginseng is oriental herbal supplement that provides Red ginseng and other nutrients for injured or ill pets or weakened pets recovering from illness.


NUTRI+GEN Red Ginseng includes abundant amount of Red Ginseng (aged 6 years), as well as oriental medicinal herbs (Sibjeon Dabo), Saponin, Propolis, Cactus, Centella extracts, and Cnidium extracts to help improve your pet’s immune system while supplementing its health

Nutri+gen Red Ginseng also includes Thiamine, to help improve appetite, and Chamomile, which helps calming of the nerves and supports deep sleep. It is very effective nutritional supplement for improving and maintaining health after suffering from injury or illness.

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