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Nutri+gen Probiotic (for Digest)

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Nutri+gen Probiotic (for Digest)
120g, gel type

Nutri+gen Probiotics is digestive health supplement that supports the digestive system of your pet by providing lactobacillus and microorganism.


Nutri+gen Probiotics is abundant with bacillus subtillis, which stimulates intestinal activities while eliminating harmful toxins within the intestine, 9 types of lactobacillus (bifidus, kimchi lactic acid bacteria) in quantity of over 10 billion, as well as prebiotics (fructooligosaccharide).

Nutri+gen Probiotics is digestive supplement that includes dietary fiber and yogurt, which help your pet to have regular bowel habit, as well as chlorella, squash, and chamomile extracts to help comfort the instines.

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